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“Windrotor Bolotov” Ltd. presents a ready-made telecommunication solution Micro Grid "WIND POWERED TOWERS" 5 kW for operation inside antenna mast structures of any type, with a guaranteed efficiency of 70% +

The company produces wind and combined solar and wind installations ranging from 1 to 10 kWt, including inter Bolotov wind rotor turbines (WRTB/VRTB turbines) and В «Wind-SunВ». The company also offers project developments works on power supply of the objects using IES WRTB; installation and testing works; remote monitoring of IES VRTB work in real time; consulting and service and complete technical support of the objects that use renewables. (103 | Page)​​

''Worldwide demand for electricity is increasing and traditional ways of obtaining it are increasingly damaging to nature. Therefore, alternative sources of energy that never run out and are practically free of charge: solar, wind, etc., become very important...'' 

windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine ВРТБ турбина

Solar Projects

Over 15 Years of experience

OFF the GRID Distributed Energy

Wind Projects Over 20Years of experience


We provide autonomous renewable energy system. The only solution in the world with a combination of technical solutions ready for use in telecommunications and towers.

​WRTB / VRTB TURBINE vertical wind turbine

windrotor Bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine

​VRTB Communication Tower VRTB turbine WRTB turbine vertical wind turbine microgrid

We offer a built-in solution providing backup and remote renewable power for TELCO tower, facilities and elsewhere.
WB turbine know-how technologies provide safe and dependable power for Communication Tower operations, reducing and in most cases completely replacing the need for  costly diesel generator dependency.

VRTB turbine WRTB turbine windrotor bolotov
windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine
VRTB/WRTB communication tower
windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine ВРТБ турбина

 "Windrotor Bolotov"  

ON-Grid Hybrid Project MW+

​Completely autonomous self powered Communication Tower.

After many years this technology has evolved to become a completely fine tuned and state of art solution chosen exclusively by national telecom corporations.

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Wind and solar often have complimentary operating characteristics – daily, seasonal and storm-related.  Combining wind and solar can lower storage requirements, increase renewables energy, reduce back-up fuel consumption and lower costs of energy.