VRTB communication Tower vertical axis wind turbine


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Windrotor Bolotov  (ENECSYS LTD.) and partners is an independant wind energy company which designs, manufactures and markets small scale wind turbines WB (Windrotor Bolotov). Develops hybrid (Off-Grid) power systems on a world wide basis B2B.

“Windrotor Bolotov” (WB) is a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine with unique modular aerodynamic configuration and composite blades.

We have been developing the vertical axis wind power turbines «WINDROTOR BOLOTOV» since 1994. The first turbine was manufactured and installed in 1997 year in Kazakhstan. This model is in working condition now and have passed over 19 years of fully autonomous exploitation in a continental climate condition. 

In a fact, in subsequent years since 2006 years, more than 200 windrotors were manufactured at the manufacturing facilities in Russia and South Korea and have been installed in a wide geographical range with severe operating conditions. In particular far North of continental Arctic, deserts and high mountains of Kazakhstan, Russia, Canada, South Korea, where the Wind Power Complex was tested by hard Hurricanes/Typhoons, with wind speed exceeding 50 meters per second.​