windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine ВРТБ турбина
VRTB turbine WRTB turbine windrotor bolotov
windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine

​WRTB / VRTB TURBINE vertical wind turbine

windrotor Bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine

 "Windrotor Bolotov"  

windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine ВРТБ турбина

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VRTB turbine WRTB turbine vertical wind turbine Windrotor Bolotov


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An independent renewable energy company with over 250 installations portfolio, the expertise to develop, engineer, construct and operate projects around the globe. We develop and design Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Windrotor-Bolotov (WRTB/VRTB).

"Windrotor Bolotov" Ltd. development and out put of innovative production – wind rotor turbines of Bolotov (VRTB/WRTB)  and Hybrid «Wind-Sun» Integrated Energy Systems (IES) of a wide power range for power supply of independent consumers and  producing of electric power in local and central power systems for internal consumption and  export.
Bolotov designed, patented, developed, and manufactured the VRTB/WRTB turbines. Historic names related with the different manufacturing technologies: WRTB/VRTB/WB turbines.​
ENECSYS Ltd. has all patents, designs, drawings, blueprints, plans, images, promotional material, websites and the VRTB/WRTB turbines technology.



Sergey Bolotov

Founder, the Windrotor Bolotov WRTB/VRTB turbines, developer R&D science, projects and manufacturing technologies

The company produces wind and combined solar and wind installations ranging from 1 to 30 kWt, including inter alia Bolotov wind rotor turbines (WRTB) and В«Wind-SunВ». The company also offers project developments works on power supply of the objects using IES WRTB; installation and testing works; remote monitoring of IES VRTB work in real time; consulting and service and complete technical support of the objects that use renewables. (UNDP program progect)


At the forefront of advancements in efficiency and sustainability, VRTB is turning proven experience and innovative thinking into exceptional results in  projects around the wDeorld.

VRTB turbine, WRTB turbine, rotor Bolotov, Windrotor-Bolotov,

Team of authors joined together​ ​by scientific and technical subject "WRTB/VRTB turbines" in 1994 and is the only developer of reliable Vertical-Axis Wind Power Turbines, according to the Know-How and patents. The Company is proud to have found and successfully acquired the outstanding autonomous renewable energy solution for multiple critical and non-critical power applications. The technology has more than 22 years of proven reliability and performance, industry recognition awards, and hundreds of installations that continue to perform efficiently to date. (See References)

History, experience, proven result.

There is a website of the company that actively uses our photos, videos and images, but this company has never been in places where our turbines are installed, and does not own the copyright. The company that copies our photos and videos uses an interactive map with the installation of turbines, but they have never been to the locations of the installation of turbines, and confuse photos of objects. ​​