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ENECSYS LTD. (BN Windrotor Bolotov) has been working actively to provisioning the best and most reliable technology in wind, solar and hybrid solutions for the power generation market. 

We have been developing a technology Vertical Axis Wind Turbine WRTB/VRTB "Windrotor Bolotov" since 1994. Our turbine is a unique modular aerodynamic configuration with composite blades and dynamic solution "Know How". 
The first wind turbine manufactured and installed in 1997 year in Kazakhstan. This model has is working condition and have passed over 21 years autonomous exploitation in a continental climate condition. 

Since 2006 years, we have developed and produced more than 200 turbines at the manufacturing facilities in Russia and South Korea. WRTB have been installed in a wide geographical range with severe operating conditions, in particular, far from the North of continental Arctic, deserts and high mountains of Kazakhstan, Russia, Canada, South Korea, where the Wind Power Complex was tested by hard Hurricanes/Typhoons, with wind speed exceeding 50 m/s.

Prospective solution "TELCO WB-2T2" (tested in 2010 with VIMPELCOM).
We offer a built-in solution providing backup and remote renewable power for TELCO tower, facilities and elsewhere.
The wind turbine solution is perfect for supplying reliable power to remote towers in uninhabited areas where no infrastructure exists. Optimal performance at extreme temperatures from -50 C to +50C and at extreme wind conditions, gusts and icing. WRTB turbines have proven to operate at wind speeds from 3 m/s to 35 m/s.

Renewable energy wind power “WINDROTOR BOLOTOV” (WB) technologies provide safe and dependable power. 

Technical Features:
- Noise parameter - less than 20 db (at 20 m. no audible sounds);
- Omni Wind Directional;
- High Grade plastic-metal structure materials;
- Environmentally friendly & Birds friendly;
- Temperature Operation Range -50 C (Arctic conditions) to +50 C ;
- High efficiency in turbulent and hurricane level wind flows;
- Long service life - more than 15 years;
- Absence of Vibration;
- Meets the highest safety standards (No external moving parts);
- Operating at wind speeds from 3 m/s to 35 m/s