windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine ВРТБ турбина
VRTB turbine WRTB turbine windrotor bolotov
windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine

​WRTB / VRTB TURBINE vertical wind turbine

windrotor Bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine
windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine

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                                          Since 2007

        VRTB / WRTB turbines - unique solution, and designed for a variety of communication towers. Off-grid systems is ideally placed to address the current energy problems in the telecommunications sector, eradicating the need for diesel generators on remote sites. We provide several different ways and solutions available to support telecom operators in achieving full power autonomy.
        The core design concept of VRTB/WRTB turbine is the ease of integration. We offer a built-in solution providing backup and remote renewable power for Telecommunication towers and facilities.
        The wind turbine solution is perfect for supplying reliable power to remote towers in uninhabited areas, where no infrastructure exists. Optimal performance at extreme temperatures from -50 C to +50 C and at extreme wind conditions, gusts and icing. VRTB/WRTB turbines have proven to operate at wind speeds from 3 m/s to 50 m/s.
Single stand-alone VRTB/WRTB systems also can assist to produce energy for Telecom towers.

The VRTB AUTONOMOUS MICRO GRID program (AMG) which requires NO investment can be installed if the Communication Tower to be powered meets the AMG program criteria.

VRTB/WRTB  wind turbine features:

- Noise parameter - less than 30 dB (at 5 m no audible sounds);
- Omni Wind Directional;
- High Grade plastic-metal structure materials;
- Environmentally friendly & Birds friendly;
- Temperature Operation Range -50 C(Arctic condition) to +50 C;
- High efficiency in turbulent and hurricane level wind flows;
- Long service life - more than 20 years;
- Absence of Vibration;
- Meets the highest safety standards (No external moving parts);
- Operating at wind speeds from 3 m/s to 50 m/s.



    We provide autonomous renewable energy solutions. VTRB/WRTB turbines with vertical-axis of rotation is highly efficient, reliable, safe, environmental friendly, and easy in operation. Our vertical wind turbines generate no noise and vibration unlike traditional wind turbines. Even installed in residential areas, it will not cause any harm and will be more safe than other types of turbines. The turbine operates in any weather condition and at low wind speed. 

     Energy and aerodynamic characteristics of VRTB/WRTB modules were studied in the wind tunnel of the Aerospace research center of South Korea. Test results exceed characteristics of other wind turbine systems.

​The World’s Longest Operating Vertical Axis Turbine. Autonomous Wind Energy Turbines The technology has more than 23 years of proven reliability and performance, industry recognition awards, and hundreds of installations that continue to perform efficiently to date.
After many years this technology has evolved to become a completely fine tuned and state of the art solution chosen exclusively by military, national telecom corporations, large scale mining operations, municipalities to augment public utilities in remote areas and private users.  To date, this technology has successfully produced in excess of 12,000 Megawatts of electrical power.

Technology definitions

        ​"Windrotor Bolotov" Ltd. development and out put of innovative production – wind rotor turbines of Bolotov (VRTB/WRTB), and Hybrid «Wind-Sun» Integrated Energy Systems (IES) of a wide power range for power supply of independent consumers and  producing of electric power in local and central power systems for internal consumption and  export.​

         We have been developing a technology Vertical Axis Wind Turbine WRTB/VRTB "Windrotor Bolotov" since 1994. Our turbine is a unique modular aerodynamic configuration with composite blades and dynamic solution "Know How". 
The first wind turbine was manufactured and installed in 1997 year in Kazakhstan. This model is in working condition and has passed over 21 years of autonomous exploitation in continental climate. 
          Since 2006, we have developed and produced more than 250 turbines at plants in Russia and South Korea.

          WRTB/VRTB turbines have been installed in a wide range of all weather conditions, from the cold climate of the Continental Arctic to deserts and high mountains of Kazakhstan, the plains of Russia and Canada, as well as to the marine part of South Korea, where the wind power complex was tested by strong hurricanes/typhoons with wind speeds of more than 50 m/s. We have tested and conducted continuous energy production in extreme weather.   WINDROTOR BOLOTOV – Wind Self Powered Communication Tower, since 2009. Site -

VRTB turbine is unique steel-based vertical-axis wind turbine manufacturing technology that has a proven record of reliability and performance, industry recognition awards, and hundreds of installations that continue to perform efficiently since 1998.

WRTB turbine is unique plastic made wind turbine manufacturing technology using the latest construction materials.

VRTB turbine for Self Powered Autonomous Communication Towers

           The VRTB turbines passes the test of time since the first turbine installed in 1996. Map of VRTB turbines currently installed and producing power in Kazakhstan, Russia, South Korea and one turbine in Canada. One DEMO VRTB turbine is installed in Canada, Toronto. Urban & Remote Autonomous Outdoor Billboards.The sky is the limit

Our vertical wind turbines are designed to adapt for any environment.

 "Windrotor Bolotov"  

windrotor bolotov VRTB turbine WRTB turbine ВРТБ турбина

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VRTB WRTB turbine

VRTB turbine WRTB turbine vertical wind turbine Windrotor Bolotov

​Explore! Take a look inside our manufacturing facility where the WINDROROR-BOLOTOV VRTB is VRTB turbine WRTB turbinre  Assembly Plant This is where the magic happens!

VRTB windrotor bolotov turbine Innovation Wind Power Solution VRTB WRTB turbine

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​Utilise wind energy with the WRTB/VRTB turbines



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